Gift Guide: 5 Reasons why displates mae super cool holyday gifts


The holidays are for sharing quality time with loved ones. It’s also a time when we all run around like crazy trying to find gifts for those loved ones. But what’s the point of spending all that time if your gifts are just going end up in the “need to be regifted” pile?

So, if you want to give a unique gift this year we recommend gifting Displates! These sleek collectible, hand-crafted metal posters with thousands of designs to choose from make it easy to find a unique print for the people you love! We’ve spoken about our love for Displates before, but if you’re just tuning in, Displates can instantly dress up any drab space.  Here’s why they’d make a great gift:

1. Displates Are Collector’s Pieces That Will Last Forever

Displates are high-quality original art printed on steel that can be enjoyed forever. No need to worry about fraying edges or crushing canvases. When was the last time you gave a gift that would last forever?

2. Displates Are Super Easy To Mount

Displates come with a large sticky magnet that instantly grips the wall. You just eyeball where you want it to go, the Displate grips the magnet and you’re good to go. You have a beautifully decorated wall with no measuring or power tools involved. Also, using a magnet makes switching out Displates a cinch according to your mood, season or latest obsession. The magnet even easily peels off the wall damage free!

3. There’s Different Sizes And Layouts To Choose From

Displate’s prints are available in a variety of different sizes to accommodate different spaces. If you’re thinking of a grid or gallery style print and want to make a big impact checkout Displate’s Multiplates. They’re printed on a variety of “plates” that can be installed in a grid-like pattern.

4. 10 Trees Are Planted For Every Displate Purchased

Do you love shopping with a cause? Displate has made it their mission to fight the devastating effects of deforestation and climate change on the planet. So far they’ve planted over 6.5 million trees!

5. There’s A Great Print For Everyone

Displate works with a community of over 9,000 artists from over 85 countries. And there’s almost 145,000 designs to choose from in just about every art style including contemporary, fine, anime, pop, landscape, watercolor and photography. Themes include everything you can possibly imagine including travel, abstracts, animals, landscapes, food, movies, vintage posters, fashion, fantasy, music, engineering, geeky stuff, vintage posters and so much more. They even have partnerships with Marvel, DC Comics and Star Wars!