What to bring on your glamping getaway


At Whispering Springs Wilderness Retreat we have done our best to preserve the essence of the quintessential camping experience – stargazing beneath the night sky, exchanging stories and roasting marshmallows around the campfire, and waking up to the sounds of the forest in the morning. What we have tried to do is remove the discomforts that are often inherent, and for many people a deterrent, to traditional camping. Erecting flimsy tents, lugging cumbersome camping gear and sleeping on rough terrain prevent many individuals from partaking in the outdoor wilderness experience.

So what exactly do you need to bring glamping? While every glamping destination differs, at Whispering Springs Wilderness Retreat our aim has been to simplify the outdoor camping experience. Each luxury tent and cabin is fully outfitted with fine linens, cozy blankets, plush towels and luxurious robes to enhance your stay. However, you may still want to include a few comforts and necessities from home to make the most of your glamping getaway at Whispering Springs Wilderness Retreat. This includes:

Hiking boots to explore the nature trails

We have over 4 km of nature trails for you to explore and discover on the property, including an old-growth forest, remnants of a prairie-savanna ecosystem and a unique and secluded black locust grove. We suggest wearing hiking boots or running shoes to protect your feet while hiking the nature trails and do not recommend sandals or flip flops.

Bathing suit for the hot tub and saltwater pool

Spend the afternoon lounging by Saltwater Springs, our outdoor pool and hot tub area which overlooks our picturesque spring-fed ponds. Take a dip and cool off in the pool on a hot, sunny day or watch the sun set over the treetops as you relax in a soothing hot tub.

Mosquito repellant & sunscreen

We have done our best to remove any discomforts from the wilderness experience, however we can’t guarantee that you won’t encounter an odd mosquito or two. Each tent has bug netting on all windows and doors, as well as beneath the floorboards. However, we still recommend bringing bug repellent to help keep mosquitoes and horseflies at bay and sunscreen for those hot, sunny days.

Personal care items & toiletries

While each tent is outfitted with organic shampoo and conditioner, we recommend bringing personal care items & toiletries such as toothpaste, tooth brush and facial care items. Each luxury safari tent has an ensuite washroom with a soaker tub, sink and toilet, so unlike traditional camping where personal hygiene is often a tad neglected, we suggest you pamper yourself at Whispering Springs. Treat yourself to a luxurious bubble bath in your tent, while being surrounded by the sounds of the forest.

Warm clothes for breezy nights around the campfire

There’s nothing quite like sitting around the campfire with close friends, reminiscing, exchanging stories, and roasting some delicious marshmallows. Be sure to pack a warm sweater and pants for these campfire evenings to stay warm and toasty. Mornings and evenings can be a tad chilly in the forest as well, so we recommend bringing some warm socks or slippers for your feet.

A good book you’ve been longing to read

Recline in one of our hammock nooks under the forest canopy and delve into the next book on your reading list. In today’s technologically driven world, finding the time to sit back, relax, and get lost in a good book is becoming increasingly difficult. A visit to Whispering Springs Wilderness Retreat is the perfect time to unplug from your technological devices, and reconnect with yourself, nature and some quality literature.

Food and cooking utensils

One of the traditional camping experiences we most wanted to preserve was the outdoor dining experience. Cooking your own meals in the great outdoors, without all of the conveniences and amenities of your home kitchen, is one of the things that makes camping truly unique and memorable. Each tent suite is outfitted with a mini-fridge and breakfast unit, as well as a personal outdoor dining area with a gas barbecue. While there are a number of charming Farmers’ Markets in the area, if you don’t feel like grocery shopping beforehand, you can pre order a prepared cook–your-own barbecue dinner that will be delivered to your tent door.